Who am i,  and how did i get here?

September 12, 1958- Born in Madera, California
I always loved music, and would sit in front of the radio listening to the pop station
while mom cleaned the house. I was blown away by The Beatles. I got my first piano
and started taking lessons when I was 5, and was really an ear player so it was difficult
to learn to read notes. But the teacher would play the piece and I'd just play it back from
memory until she got wise to me. Oh, well...
At age 7 or so, my indoctrination into society was more or less complete, and I forgot about
being a musician for about 30 years. Well, maybe not completely.  I lived in Kentucky during
the rise of Southern rock, until 1976 when I left and ended up in San Francisco. I was given
an old and broken Martin mandolin,  got it fixed and took a few lessons. Rod Stewart's music
inspired me to that end...
In 1981 I went to Germany with a band, and played a bit of keyboards with them for the
3 months we were there. It was called The Toby Mountain Band.(I think we had a good time.)
1982, my son was born, the 49ers won the superbowl, 1984, my daughter was born,
the 49ers won the superbowl and I didn't play music at all until  10 years later, when one day
I woke up and remembered that I'm a musician, and music is my LIFE! I started playing my
brother's guitar and writing songs, and played at an open mic or two.
In 1994 I ended up in La Honda, CA and have been here ever since. I have been blessed
with getting to know many talented musicians and artists here, and have played in several
bands in the area. In early 2002, I started hosting an open mic at the local pub, Apple Jack's,
and was sooned joined by Jack Mullins, who had recently moved to California from New York.
I couldn't have continued the open mic without him. Due to encouragement (pressure) from
my friends and my daughter, I have finally started seriously working on my own
recording project, and hope to be finished by September 2004 with my first cd.
Meanwhile, I play with Dan Wills and the West Coast Country Road Show, and occasionally
with other bands as the opportunities arise. There are so many artists and types of music that
have influenced me, including the folk music of the 60's, southern rock in the 70's,
but my favorites over the years have been Cat Stevens, Todd Rundgren, and Neil Young.

     BANDS I'VE PLAYED IN (or with):

      Jack Mullins
      The Toby Mountain Band
      Dan Wills
      Kenny Harris
      T.J. Moore Blues Band
      Billy and the boys
      David Elias and the Great Unknown
      Lane and the Badass Chickenbones
      T and Co.
      Gregg's Eggs
      Garrick Davis and his Fabulous Funky Band

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